As a father, I'm concerned about the direction our country is heading. We must restore constitutional conservative values to all levels of government to ensure that we can pass along the same opportunities to our kids that we've enjoyed.

My plan is simple:


Defend the Constitution - First and foremost, we must return to the principles of liberty that our country's founding documents sought to defend. Just as I did in the National Guard, as your State Representative, I'll take an oath to defend the Constitution and protect the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And, unlike too many politicians, I'll NOT break that sacred oath.


Promote Free Market Principles - America is the freest and most prosperous nation on earth because of our free market system. I'll promote our free market by working to stop attacks through regulation and litigation. By promoting the free market, we'll lift up families and communities with family-supporting jobs and begin to restore the promise of the American Dream.


Foster Robust Educational Opportunities - There's no denying the fact that well educated communities flourish. Education comes in many forms. Local schools, private schools, home schools, Vo-Tech schools, community colleges, universities and trade apprenticeships all have their place. I believe we have a responsibility as parents and community members to promote every available educational avenue that prepares our children and young adults to join society as productive citizens. Having earned an undergraduate degree in economics, three masters degrees and a doctoral degree, I enjoy engaging educators. These conversations reveal frustration. Teachers are frustrated. Administrators are frustrated. Parents are frustrated. We need thoughtful reduction of the cumbersome and expensive regulation of our local schools. We need to encourage teachers in their effort to truly educate rather than function as facilitators of curricula they have little control over. We need to recognize parental rights and responsibilities in the education of their children.


Promote Public Safety - Public safety is an essential service the government provides for its citizens. When families and communities are safe, they thrive. Families, churches, schools, and businesses all benefit from the sacrificial work of Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, and Disaster Relief personnel. Having served for many years as a law enforcement chaplain, I've seen first hand the situations officers face. This, coupled with my experience working disaster relief, creates a deep appreciation for those who place themselves in difficult, and often dangerous, situations for our benefit. We should take every appropriate measure to support the work of our first responders.